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bichon-poo-bichon-frise-poodle-mixThe cross between the Bichon Frise and the Poodle is commonly called the Bichon-poo. The mix dog may not necessarily be a 50-50 mix between the parents, if the parents are not pure bred dogs. In the case of non pure bred dogs, the resultant Bichon poo puppy will be a multi generation dog and will be a much more watered down mix of the parents. Hence, it is important to know the parental make-up in the mix to understand the resultant pup better. It will provide much more insight on the temperament, health issues and overall character of the mix dog.

A typical Bichon-poo mix pup does not grow more than a foot high and weighs, not more than 16 pounds. With an average lifespan of about 15 years, they are very energetic dogs and make great pets. The most distinctive features the Bichon poo pup are their long, loosely hung ears and curly, fluffy coats. Bichon-poo pups for sale are available in a variety of white, red, apricot, black, brown, golden, and beige colors. They can also sometime be tricolored. The Poodle parents color has been noted to be responsible for the color of the Bich-poo pup. Their coats are also hypoallergenic and hence they make suitable pets for people with allergies.

buy sildenafil online bichon-poo-bichon-frise-poodle-mixBichon Poo Temperament:
Good natured and intelligent, they are fairly easy to train. House breaking is hence easy and quick as they are also fast learners. Their friendly and social nature extends to visitors and other pets in the house, besides their owners. Protective and family oriented they are good watchdogs letting their owners know in case of intrusion and threat. Sensitive and responsive, they are also very affectionate and love to play. Their zesty and energetic disposition is subtle, and they are not as hyper as some other breeds. They bask in their owner’s attention and love curling up in their laps or on the couches. They are clever and also love to entertain their owner with their clever tricks. The Bichon-poo pups are prone to sudden energy spurts where they run around the house. In these cases a good long walk can help them deal with the extra energy and calm themselves down. Even though they are ideal pets for homes with children, the children must be instructed to not get too rough with the delicate dog. They may end up hurting the pup during rough play. The Bichon poo mix pup also does not take teasing well. here Maintenance:
The Bichon poo puppies have hypoallergenic coats which makes them ideal pets for people with allergies. Their long coats need regular brushing to keep them clean, smooth and tangle free. Brushing will also help keep their coats mite free. Occasional baths with subtle puppy shampoo will keep their coats clean and healthy. Routine vet checks and shots are also important in monitoring their health and growth. Early signs of a probable disease can also be caught on and cure during these visits. Clean ears and teeth are a must.

Their high energy levels make them very playful dogs that need to exercise daily. A long walk can be beneficial in keeping them calm and preventing restlessness. Bichon poo puppies love the outdoors, but can be particularly happy if kept busy with activity and games indoors. They also love water and enjoy swimming.

Eager to please, and wanting the owner’s praise and attention, they are fairly easy to train and can be taught tricks. Toilet training is also easy. Bichon Frise Poodle mix Health issues:
The Bichon-poo pups do not have susceptibility to any major illnesses. They may be prbichon-poo-bichon-frise-poodle-mixone to the diseases either of their parents is prone to. The Bichon Frise is prone to eye problems like cataracts and watery eyes; knee problems and epileptic seizures. Besides these, the Poodles are also prone to diabetes and heart problems. Here, knowing the parental lineage and the characteristics of the dominant parent can help in determining the health of the resultant mix pup.

sidenafil Ideal Living Conditions for a Bichon Poo:
Friendly and adaptable, the Bichon poo pup can adjust well in homes with children. They are energetic companions and love to cuddle. Good food and loving family can make a very happy and well balanced Bichon Poo pup.

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Meet the PUGAPOO aka the PUG and POODLE MIX

The Pug and Poodle hybrid is commonly called the Pugapoo. Depending on the parents in the cross is, the Pugapoo puppies can either be a first generation mix, or a multi generation mix. Purebred parents in the cross will result in a first generation Pugapoo pup, while non pure bred parents will create a multi generation Pugapoo pup. Before buying a Pugapoo pup, it is important to know the parental history of the breeds used in the cross. Knowing who the dominant partner in the mix is can help in determining the characteristics of the resultant Pugapoo puppy.

Curly coated, the lengths of the hair varies from Pugapoo to Pugapoo. Ranging from medium to long hair, Pugapoo puppies for sale are available in a variety of colors. Common colors are orange, gray, fawn and black. Pugapoos are most abundantly covered on their legs, face, tails, and the crown. Their limbs are muscular, with the front limbs being straight, and the rear limbs being slightly angular. Most prominent features on the face are the, usually dark colored, eyes and nose. Typically, the eyes are dark brown and the nose is black.

A mature Pugapoo stands anywhere between 6 to 14 inches tall and weighs about 8 to 18 pounds. Average life expectancy is 10 to 12 years. viagra alternative PugaPoo Temperament:pugapoo-pug-poodle-mix
An adorable and lively dog, the Pugapoo is affectionate, intelligent and friendly. They make amazing house pets for homes with children, and their social disposition makes them gel well with other pets as well. They also make good companions for senior citizens and retirees. A social and family oriented dog, the Pugapoo doesn’t take being left alone well. They like being around other people, or animals, and should not be left alone for long periods of time. They are smart and intelligent, which makes them easy to train. They learn commands and tricks easily, and their eager to please their master nature makes them follow them as they grow up. Playful and entertaining, they love to be the centre of attention of their owners and will willingly follow orders and be well mannered to keep their owners happy. Taking after the Poodle parent, they will do trick and antics to entertain their owner. Pugapoos can sometimes be stubborn. Training and socializing from an early age can help in molding their behavior. They can also have a tendency to bark, if they take after the Poodle parent. This can be molded when training and they can be trained to not bark without provocation. levitraonlinebuy pugapoo - pug and poodle mixPug and Poodle Mix Maintenance:
Grooming depends on the type of the coat the Pugapoo has. Curly coated Pugapoos shed a lot and their coats need to be groomed regular, sometimes as often as 4 to 6 weeks. If not brushed and clipped regularly, their curly coats can get tangled beyond untangling, and can cause their coats to look unkempt. Tangling can also cause painful skin rashes at the hair root. If the mix pup takes after the Pug parent, their coats will be short and will hence, not require too much care. Regular brushing and combing will keep them clean. In both cases, occasional baths with subtle puppy shampoo are a must. Also, their ears need to be cleaned regularly to keep them clean and dry and free of infection. Nails should be trimmed and special attention should be paid to keeping their teeth clean and brushed. Regular vet checks and shots are important to monitor health and catch early signs of diseases.

Since the dog is a lively breed, they need regular physical exercise to keep them from getting restless and irritated. This can be done in the form of walks or jogs, or activities and games to keep them occupied.

list of reputable canadian pharmacies pugapooPugaPoo Health issues:
The Pugapoo is a hybrid dog and hence, can either be highly prone, or less prone to the diseases that its parents are prone to. These include: Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, luxating patellas, dental problems, collapsing trachea, neurological problems like Pug Dog Encephalitis, thyroid and hormonal disorders including Cushing’s Syndrome and Addison’s Disease, skin rashes, liver problems and numerous hereditary eye problems. sildenafil actavis Ideal Living conditions for a PugaPoo:
The Pugapoo is best suited for homes with children and can easily adapt to small homes and apartments.

Pugapoo and poodle mix videos!

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